All things bookish!

I received a free digital edition of this book via the BookSneeze website run by Thomas Nelson.  This was quite some time ago and I hope they will accept my apologies for the late nature of this review!

We’re all tightening our belts in the UK as, I think, people are everywhere.  I don’t think we’ve any Amish though and that’s a pity as it seems they could teach us a lot about living well on comparatively little.  When Ms Craker found her family nipped by the credit crunch she looked around and noticed that the Amish were buying farms – not having them repossessed.  How does a farmer with fourteen children save $400,000 to buy his own land?  She decided to find out and Money Secrets of the Amish holds the answer.

Ms Craker’s voice is a breath of fresh air throughout this book.  In each section she looks at the way the Amish live out one of their financial values.  Then she shows how her family applied that value to their situation and gives practical suggestions that would work for any ‘fancy’ family.  Some of the advice is USA-centric – I’m pretty sure my credit card works slightly differently – but most of it has travelled well to this side of the Atlantic and I’ve already put some of it into practice.

I didn’t pay to read this book but if I had I’d say it was money well spent.


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