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The Back of the Book (from Amazon):  Luke for Everyone (with Mark for Everyone) starts this exciting new series. Tom Wright’s translation brings to life the immediacy and drama of Luke’s gospel. His comments on each section, which include a wealth of information and background detail, provide real insights for our understanding of the story of Jesus and its implications for the reader. His clear style is accessible to new readers of the Bible, as well as to those who are already further on.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  As I read through Tom Wright’s excellent series I find myself wondering if he wrote them in the same order as they appear in our Bibles?  Certainly, as I’ve progressed through the Gospels, I’ve noticed his writing becoming tighter and a little more polished.  I can better see the themes and ideas being developed from one chapter to the next and the books seem to hold together better.  Of course, this might say more about me as a reader than it does about Mr Wright’s writing.  You don’t have to think hard before deciding which of us is more expert at our craft!  I’m really enjoying working my way through the series.  I’m reading the first part of John now and have Acts still to come.  I’d rather planned to stop there and just read the others as an when I happened upon them but I’m thinking I might go on through the Epistles and on the Revelation.  And, of course, there’s an Old Testament series now as well …


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