All things bookish!

The Back of the Book (from Amazon):  Packed with delicious recipes, fascinating tips and practical advice, The Vegetarian Pocket Bible is the essential companion for anyone who enjoys a meat-free lifestyle.

Whether you’re trying to find attractive clothes free from animal by-products or looking for fresh inspiration to create exciting vegetarian meals, help is at hand, including:

  • Great vegetarian restaurants you must visit
  • Advice on veggie-friendly cosmetics, shoes and other products
  • All the nutritional and health benefits of being a vegetarian
  • Tips on eating abroad as a veggie – the best places to visit and phrases to know

Your pocket guide to vegetarian living.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  Have you ever been casually browsing a bookshop only to have one of the titles leap off the shelf and onto your credit card?  I was actually looking for something to take to my father in hospital.  He has no interest in vegetarianism but I do although I cannot claim full vegetarian status.

This is a friendly little book, packed full of information for new or aspiring vegetarians – or bemused, omnivorous parents.  I found it a very easy read and would not hesitate to recommend it to interested adolescents.

The author also gives substantial attention to vegan lifestyles and I was left with the impression that vegetarian is good but vegan is better.  I’m not sure if this was intentional but it left me feeling that my almost-vegetarian lifestyle really isn’t up to the mark – and that’s a shame as surely every change we make, however small, matters?


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