All things bookish!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!  The book diet number is going up instead of down.  Do you want to hear my excuse?  Although I prefer to call it a reason …

First I should say that I have seven books waiting to be reviewed so their addition would have made the numbers a bit less eye-watering.  Unfortunately I’m in the depths of lurgy-land and am really not up to writing them so they’ll have to wait until next week.  The second point to note is that the incomers I’ve listed did not all come into my life during the last seven days.  They’ve been acquired over the past month or so and I’m only now getting round to putting them away.  Actually, some of them have even been read already …

The good news is that I’m now all caught up with acquisitions so I shall start on those reviews when I’m feeling better.

Incoming Books:

  1. Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart – How to Read the Bible Book by Book [Purchase][Kindle]
  2. Elizabeth George – The Heart of a Woman Who Prays [Purchase][Kindle]
  3. Michael Williams – How to Read the Bible Through the Jesus Lens [Purchase][Kindle]
  4. Ruth Field – Run Fat Bitch Run [Purchase][Kindle]
  5. Michael Pollan – Food Rules [Purchase][Kindle]
  6. Michael Pollan – In Defence of Food [Purchase][Kindle]
  7. Destination Editors – Destination Athens [Purchase][Kindle]
  8. Catherine Czerkawska – Bird of Passage [Purchase – FREE][Kindle]
  9. Catherine Czerkawska – The Curiosity Cabinet [Purchase – FREE][Kindle]
  10. Melody Carlson – I Heart Bloomberg [Purchase – FREE][Kindle]
  11. Shawna Reid – The Amazing Adventures of DietGirl [Purchase][Kindle]
  12. Louise Foxcroft – Calories and Corsets [Purchase][Kindle]
  13. Gary Taubes – Why We Get Fat [Purchase][Kindle]
  14. Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears – Doctrine [Purchase][Kindle]
  15. Sarah Dunant – Sacred Hearts [Purchase][Kindle]
  16. Caitlin Moran – How to be a Woman [Purchase][Kindle]
  17. David Wilkerson – The Cross and the Switchblade [Purchase][Paperback]
  18. Edith Deen – Great Women of the Christian Faith [Purchase][Hardback]
  19. Jackie Pullinger – Chasing the Dragon [Purchase][Paperback]
  20. Kate Colquhoun – Taste [Purchase][Paperback]
  21. A W Tozer – The Pursuit of God [Purchase][Paperback]
  22. Mireille Guiliano – French Women Don’t Get Fat [Purchase][Paperback]
  23. Elisabeth Elliot – Shadow of the Almighty [Purchase][Paperback]
  24. Andrew Reid – Postcard from Palestine [Purchase][Paperback]

* * *

It’s Monday!  What are you Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by BookJourney.  Mailbox Monday is another weekly meme hosted in April 2012 by Cindy’s Love of Books.


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