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The Back of the Book (from Amazon):  God loves us, just as we are. This book encourages us to embrace the truth of a personal God, the God who knows our name. From the loveless Hagar of the Bible to the abused Donna of Dublin; from the hopeless leper of Mark’s Gospel to the outcast Dalit of Hyderabad: each chapter introduces us to individuals accepted by a God who intervenes on their behalf. These are stories of rejection and acceptance from the Bible and today true, carefully researched, and told with remarkable power.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  Do you read the blurb on the back before you start reading a new book?  I don’t.  I add titles to my wishlist whenever I hear of something I think I would like to read, buy the book when its name gets to the top of the list and put it onto Mt ToBeRead.  When it comes to the top of that pile, I pick it up and read from page 1, without reminding myself from the blurb why I wished for it in the first place.  Sometimes this means I get surprises and that is no bad thing!

I don’t actually know why I wished for God Knows Your Name.  And I still haven’t read the blurb on the back.  I’m glad I did although it’s not really a book I’d naturally be drawn to.  Catherine Campbell writes movingly of her experiences caring for her disabled children – especially her first-born.  These accounts are interleaved with imaginative re-tellings of Biblical and modern life stories in which God’s love and care for his people – in particular, his women – shines out from backgrounds of hopeless, nameless despair.  I will never forget some of those stories and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to share in them.


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