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The Back of the Book:  Imagine a world where love guides every action, a community where people place others before themselves, and a place where God is recognized and respected.

Thousands of years ago, God shared a simple code with His people for daily living that is the foundation of our laws and principles. Yet society is slowly moving away from this essential guide, as these absolute truths give way to a subjective culture. How can we reclaim these ancient tenants for living in today’s modern world?

TEN revisits the Bible’s perfect design for a relationship with God and others. Readers will encounter TEN commandments that are as relevant now as the day they were given. Readers will rediscover the wellspring of their faith, reconnect with these profound truths, and reclaim God’s vision for their life. Now includes a 10-week study guide.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  It was a number of years since I’d read this book so I was glad to re-discover it a few weeks ago.  I find Mr John’s style pleasant and easy on the eye even when he’s dealing with some really tough issues.  In this book, he gives an account of the Ten Commandments in their original context before showing why they’re still relevant and challenging for today’s reader.  I particularly liked the way he shows how the Commandments fit together into one, cohesive entity rather than their simply being a list of prohibitions and instructions.


Comments on: "J John – TEN – 2011/061 [Reread]" (2)

  1. That sounds interesting. I’ll have to put that one on the list…

    • notjustlaura said:

      It is a very good book – lots of meat on the bones and equally suitable for Catholics or Protestants (IMO).

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