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The Back of the Book:  Shatter the myths and lies about PMS and start believing the truth that comes with knowing how the body actually works. For three weeks out of every month, a woman is energetic, upbeat and even-tempered. Then something happens! Within seconds, she can move from being calm into depression or out to the edges of hostile anger. She can crave junk food, feel lethargic and not about to focus her concentration on even the simplest task. For millions of women, these symptoms subside just as menstruation begins. A great deal has been learned in recent years about PMS and doctors can recommend an array of traditional and complementary remedies to help reduce symptoms. Dr. Colbert’s extensive training in alternative therapies makes this booklet extremely helpful for women who suffer with PMS.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  I find Christianity and medicine very difficult to reconcile and writing this review without opening several cans of worms is going to be a challenge!  Basically, Dr Colbert asserts that God doesn’t want anyone to suffer from PMS.  Women who do should follow his suggestions (basically it’s a normal, healthy lifestyle with the addition of some food supplements) and their symptoms will disappear.  For me, the most helpful portion of this book is Dr Colbert’s explanation of what happens to a woman’s hormones during her cycle.  The information given matches up with my Doctor’s diagnosis of my problems and added depth to my knowledge.  I’m going to take on board some of Dr Colbert’s advice – but I’m not going to throw away the medication I’ve been prescribed.


Comments on: "Don Colbert – The Bible Cure for PMS – 2011/060" (3)

  1. I get a little skeptical when people suggest religion as the cure for physical ills.

  2. Sounds like we’re all on the same page. There are dietary and hormonal shifts for sure, and the Couple to Couple League, for whom I teach NFP, have suggestions on handling it, too–but never claim a religious cure. 🙂

    • notjustlaura said:

      Tried to reply at your blog, Kathleen, but the comments link doesn’t seem to like Chrome …

      Anyway, thanks for commenting. I didn’t know PMS was addressed in NFP so that’s interesting to know. You’ve got me wondering if my Parish’s NFP teaching group (it’s early, my brain’s not in gear and I can’t remember what it’s called) also offer help …

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