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The Back of the Book (from Amazon):  Carpools and car crashes, job switches and joint custody, moves and motionlessness. Is there a cohesive storyline to the chaos, confusion, and clutter of your daily life? According to well-loved author Max Lucado, the answer is a resounding yes!So what is the text of your life? With his unequaled warmth and honesty, Lucado plumbs the depths of your storyline and comes up smiling. ‘Your story indwells God’s,’ writes Lucado.

‘This is the great promise of the Bible and the hope of this book … Above and around us God directs a grander saga, written by his hand, orchestrated by his will, unveiled according to his calendar. And you are a part of it …’ Join Max for an unforgettable journey woven with New Testament stories and contemporary examples of God’s beautiful story-making skills. The beginning of the narrative is legendary, the middle unfolds with surprises still in store, and the ending of your final earthly chapter ushers in a reunion that almost defies description.It’s time to see what your life looks like when God’s story becomes your story.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  I requested and received an electronic edition of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

I like Mr Lucado’s writing.  It is lyrical, rich with illustration and easy to read.  This book is no exception – I read it in less than 24 hours and found my eyes skipping over the text without much effort.  Unfortunately the words themselves didn’t make much of an impression on me and I’ve only a vague idea of the book’s argument and purpose.  In God’s Story, Your Story Mr Lucado seems to be trying to show that there are echoes of the Biblical story (and, in particular, the New Testament story) in each of our lives and, because this puts our story within God’s story, everything will ‘work out OK in the end.’  And that seems to be it.  The book is a pleasant, easy read, but it doesn’t pack much punch and I’m pretty sure I’ll have forgotten it altogether in a couple of weeks.


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