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The Back of the Book (from  Originally published in 1996, Always We Begin Again found its niche in the hearts and souls of those seeking spiritual moorings. Written by a busy attorney, this concise and modern paraphrase of the sixth-century Rule of St. Benedict has helped thousands of people to lead more balanced lives focused on God.

Now this spiritual classic is available in an expanded hardcover edition complete with ribbon marker. Added to the original text are the words of Benedict from which McQuiston drew his original inspiration, allowing the reader to see anew how the ancient Rule still speaks to seekers today. This is the perfect gift and companion for family, friends, and soulmates.

“John McQuiston II…provides one of the most practical tool available for the devout lay person who seeks a daily Christian praxis within the strictures of a successful business or professional life.” -Publishers Weekly

“This slim volume was written by an attorney whose desire for a more profound connection with the spiritual life led him to the Benedictine’s door…Simple it may be, yet it is moving and powerful in its quiet grace. A lovely guideline for daily spiritual life.” -Napra ReView

John McQuiston, II is an attorney at law and active lay leader in his congregation in Memphis, Tennessee.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  When I began my research into Benedictine spirituality I was drawn to the title of this book – who can turn down a fresh start? – and bought it without knowing much more about it.  On beginning my reading, I found that this is a modern reworking of St Benedict’s original rule.  I did find parts useful (for example, how a typical day might be ordered around work and prayer) but it didn’t make a very big impression on me.  I think I’ll probably come back to it if (or when) I write my own Rule and may find a second reading more profitable.


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