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The Back of the Book (from Amazon):  Johnnie Moore, vice president and campus pastor of Liberty University, inspires readers with an enthusiastic challenge to live out fully what they say they believe as Christians.

In his uniquely confessional tone, Johnnie takes readers on a journey of belief from the hilltop home of the Dalai Lama to a mass grave of more than 250,000 people in Rwanda. He dares to address the doubts and challenges that have turned many well-intentioned Christians into hypocrites. Like a good pastor, Moore helps heal the wounds he opens, and he leaves his reader with one curious question, “What could happen if the world’s Christians actually began to live what they say they believe?”

NotJustLaura’s Review:  I’m a great fan of behaving ‘as if’.  When I was exploring Christianity and then Catholicism, I went through phases of behaving ‘as if’ the Gospel were true and ‘as if’ I were a Catholic.  I was experimenting (and I liked the results!).  Today, behaving ‘as if’ is still a tool I use when depression bites and my faith is weak.

In Honestly (which I requested from NetGalley), Johnnie Moore isn’t quite suggesting that Christians behave ‘as if’.  Instead, he leads the reader from a position of genuine doubt to one of genuine faith.  And then he encourages us to avoid hypocrisy by putting that faith to work.  He writes openly about his own hurts, the doubts they led to and the journey he took to find faith once again.  There is a whole lot of healing in this book – it contains some of the most comforting sentiments I’ve read this year – but there’s a challenge for all Christians too.  Are we content to dust off our faith for Sundays or is it something we’re willing to live in good times and in bad?

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This review was originally published as a WordPress page rather than a blog post.  This was due to my error.  The following comments were logged against it:

Thanks for reading my book. I was so encouraged by your review, and I hope plenty of people around the world find the “healing” you mention, and which I prayed would be the practical result of this book within the body of Christ.

Johnnie Moore



  • notjustlaura said:

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Johnnie – it’s always lovely to hear from an author whose writing I’ve enjoyed. I hope you write more as I really enjoyed Honestly and got a lot out of reading it. Some of the ideas are bringing me such peace at a difficult time (am in the middle of a Bipolar episode and feeling very sorry for myself!) I know your main purpose in Honestly wasn’t to write a ‘how to survive when life’s nasty to you’ book but that’s how God’s using it for me at the moment.


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  1. I think everyone needs to read this book. It is one of the few “Christian” books that I’ve read that actually felt like it was saying something important. Honestly is just that; an honest look at faith, doubt, insincere Christianity, suffering, and much more. I would definitely recommend it to anyone:

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