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The Back of the Book (from Amazon):  If you had told Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira while she was crying on the kitchen floor that she could find a way to praise God in this situation, she wouldn’t have believed you. In fact, she might have thrown something at you. Looking around at a life that was disappointingly different from what she’d dreamed, she couldn’t imagine honestly singing out a hallelujah. But then it occurred to her that, well, maybe she could manage to grumbleone.

Have you been there? During life’s lowest moments, it is so tempting to blame ourselves, our circumstances, or God. But what would happen if we turned to God and managed to praise him instead, in whatever way we could? Might he show up and help us find the things in our lives that he made to be loved? Grumble Hallelujah offers humor, candid stories, and solid scriptural backing that will help you see clearly just how your life is meant to be lived—and loved.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  I’m always interested in books which seek to help the reader live through tough times – probably because I have Bipolar Disorder and so spend a portion of my time feeling really lousy.  Anyway, when I saw this one advertised on NetGalley, I decided to request a copy.

In this book, Caryn Rivadeneira is addressing an ‘American mom’ audience so there were times when her voice grated on these Scottish ears.  However, she had so many good things share that I quickly forgave her.  She writes with a wry sense of humour that I enjoyed and is certainly qualified by life experience to write on this topic although she wisely refrains from giving too many personal details of her troubles.  This is a book about praising God – not whining!

Usually when I read Christian self-help books I skip the suggested prayers.  They usually just don’t fit what I want to say and I tend to write God letters if there’s something on my mind.  The prayers in this book, however, were perfect for me!  They expressed exactly what I wanted to say having read each chapter and often even held the tone I wanted to express to Him.  I read each one slowly instead of giving them my usual skim and know I’ll come back to them again and again.

The only other book by Ms Rivadeneira that I can see on Amazon is even more closely focussed on ‘moms’ so it’s probably not for me.  I really hope she writes more for a wider audience in the future as I’ll be looking out for her work.


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