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The Back of the Book (from Amazon):  Tea is a phenomenon that has changed the attitudes of one nation to another, exposed divisions of class and race, ossified social behaviour, shaped the ethics of business, influenced relations between management and labour and led to significant advances in medicine. “Tea” is a comprehensive study of a drink that is imbibed daily by over half the population of the world, looking at the phenomenon as well as the commodity – from 2,500 AD to the present day. Following on from the success of books such as Cod, Tobacco and Salt, “Tea” takes a well-researched and fascinating approach to the world’s second favourite beverage.

NotJustLaura’s Comments:  Have you ever brought a book home only to find when you pick it up to read that you don’t really want to?  What do you do then?  I decided to go with a ‘life’s too short’ approach with this book.  I chanced upon it in the local library and thought it looked interesting.  Plus, my grandmother spent time in India so I thought it was kind of relevant to my family.  It sat in Mt ToBeRead for a week or so and then it was ‘Next’ and then it was in my hands and it was time to open the pages.  And I just didn’t want to read it.  It’s not that I suspect there’s anything wrong with the book.  I’m sure it’s full of interesting factoids about tea and is likely a well-written and enjoyable read.  If you’re interested in tea.  But I’m more of a coffee-drinker and … life is short.


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