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The Back of the Book:  Do you long to pray more effectively?  Are you ready to pray with real power and experience real results?

Powerful prayer leads to powerful living.  That’s been confirmed by great spiritual warriors such as King David, the apostle Paul, Augustine, John Know, David Brainerd, Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, and others.

Do you know God desires to work through you in the same mighty ways He worked through them?

Wrestling prayer is the key that unlocks the supernatural strength that moves mountains and calms storms.  It can radically transform your life and unleash God’s power in ways beyond what you can even imagine.

This mightiest of all weapons is yours to use.  Join Eric and Leslie as they lead you on an inspiring journey6, and discover how wrestling prayer can alter every area of your life.

You’ll never be the same.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  This is the most challenging Ludy book I’ve read to date.  It wasn’t just the ideas held within the pages although they are challenging in and of themselves.  This is a very masculine book although Mr Ludy is at pains to point out that his intended audience is female as well as male but even so I found all the talk of Old Testament heroes alien and uncomfortable.  Ms Ludy’s more practical chapters were easier for me to relate to but I think the reader needs both to have the full picture.

If you’re looking for an explicit explanation of how to pray, this probably isn’t the book for you (although Ms Ludy gives some suggestions of other titles which might help).  It is much more concerned with ideas about prayer.  I’ve learned that the battles of the Old Testament are, in a sense, still happening today and we each have a part to play with persistent, faith-filled prayer.

Did I enjoy reading this book?  Well, truthfully, no.  But I have taken away a resolve to keep praying for a specific situation I’d previously regarded as beyond hope so I’d say the Ludys hit the target.


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