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NotJustLaura’s Review:  I first came across this book, I think, when it was mentioned on a blog or it may have been in publishing bumph.  Whichever, I wishlisted it and hoped I might one day see a copy.  I was delighted a couple of days later to be offered the chance to read a borrowed copy.  The owner was quick to say I didn’t have to like it when I came to read it but I’m happy to report that I’m still … well, delighted!

Creekside: An Archaeological Novel (Fire Ant Books) is a dual-stranded book.  The first strand, concerning Meg the archaeologist, is the weakest.  Ms Carmean is herself an archaeologist and is clearly anxious to give the reader a message about the preservation of historic sites.  This makes her a little heavy-handed in giving information.  The second strand however more than makes up for this.  As Meg leads the excavation of a meadow about to be given over to a housing project, alternate chapters flash back to the site’s original occupants back in the 1700s and on through the successive generations until it was abandoned.  Ms Carmean’s touch is lighter as she shows the artifacts unearthed by Meg’s team in their original homes.  The story she weaves is richly evocative and reveals a talent for writing which is somewhat lost under all the information of the Meg narrative.

I’m very glad to have been given the opportunity to read this book and hope another work of fiction from Ms Carmean may grace my shelves at some point in the future.


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