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NotJustLaura’s Review:  With a bit less sex, a bit less bad language and a bit more from Father Bruce, this would be Christian fiction of the best kind.  As it stands, it’s a contemporary romance and still of the best kind.

The family situations described in My One and Only (Hqn) are complicated – there are step-sisters, half-brothers and a host of divorced parents.  At the beginning, it took a while for me to get the characters straight in my head.  I found the voice of Harper (the main protagonist and first-person narrator) easy to relate to and she soon sorted out the who’s who for me.  The book is primarily about Harper’s relationship with her ex-husband but the sub-plots concerning the rest of the family cross-cross through the narrative and feed beautifully into Harper’s story – I never felt like saying, ‘Why are you telling me this?’ as everything was pertinent and the book was superbly plotted – I’ve no idea how Ms Higgins managed to keep it all straight!

I think this book would appeal to lovers of romance or chick-lit and have already recommended it to my mother!  I’m very glad to see this isn’t the only book Ms Higgins has written and can assure you that I’ll be seeking out those other titles just as soon as I’m done here …

The book I read was a complimentary ebook which I requested from NetGalley.


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