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NotJustLaura’s Review:  This book is part of a series published by Thomas Nelson and made available to me via the BookSneeze program.

Now, here’s an admission:  I’ve never tithed.  I’ve never wanted to, never felt the need and never gone to a Church where it was required.  I’ve even been known to put nothing in the basket when it’s passed to me.  Until I read Tithing: Test Me in This, that didn’t bother me.

I expected Mr LeBlanc to give a an exposition of the reasons why one should tithe and back up his argument with lots of theology.  He doesn’t.  Instead, he’s tapped his network of friends and acquaintances and asked what tithing means to them.  The result – a chapter devoted to each person, family or organisation – was fascinating to me.  Each person described a slightly different take on tithing – some give to their Church, some to charity, some give their time – but there was one constant:  God is faithful in providing for their needs as they are faithful in giving to Him.

As I read, I found myself questioning my own attitude to giving.  Like the people Mr LeBlanc spoke to, I have my own take on tithing – what it means, why one should do it, to whom one should give – and I think that’s OK.  The important thing is to give with a happy heart and that’s something I can work on.


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  1. Well put. There are many ways to tithe, but as Catholics we are bound by law to contribute to the support of the Church. I have given to parish building funds, maintenance funds, etc., to monasteries and convents, and to orphanages. I never think I am giving enough, but I know God looks at what is in our hearts.

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