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As I told you on Monday, I’ve recently discovered that I have over 600 books waiting to be read.  I can hear you gasping.  Is that horror or delight?  Personally, I’m torn between the two with a hearty dose of alarm as I realise it will likely take between six and twelve years for me to read them all.  I do mean to read them all.  The collection was culled about two years ago and my tastes haven’t changed much since then so what I have today is what I still want to read.  It is clear, however, that I need to do something and the only solution seems to be a book diet.

I’ve tried book diets (and food diets!) before and I always failed miserably with the bookish kind.  WeightWatchers, on the other hand, works well for me when I follow the rules.  So I’ve been thinking, while counting my books, about the similarities between books and food.  I love them both and, really, can’t live without them for any great period of time.  That’s why WeightWatchers works – it doesn’t require me to give up food, I just need to ingest fewer calories than I burn each week and I lose weight.  If you apply the same principle to books, I just need to acquire fewer books than I read each week and my 600 books will be gradually whittled away, just like to 3 stones I’ve shed from my body.

My previous attempts at book dieting have failed because I took an all-or-nothing approach:  I won’t get any new books until I’ve read everything in the house!  Like that’s something I can stick to!  This time I’m just going to try and exercise (ie read) more and eat (ie acquire) less.  This will give me a calorie (ie book) deficit and one by one my 600-high pile will melt away.

I’ve also found with WeightWatchers that it’s important for me to be rewarded when I do well so I’m going to track the number of books I read each week less the number of acquisitions and give myself 50p to spend per book I’ve ‘lost’.  If I gain, I lose 50p.  Rewardage money can be spent in any way I see fit.

You’re welcome to join me in my dieting efforts – I’ll be updating you each week as part of the ‘It’s Monday!  What are you Reading?’ meme.


Comments on: "Announcing: The Book Diet" (3)

  1. Aren’t you the clever one! 😀 Love it and will have to try it myself. 🙂

    • notjustlaura said:

      Thanks, Angie, glad you like. I think I’ve already put on a book this week …

  2. Great idea, Laura! I’ve actually been quite keen to reduce my TBR which is only about 20 books by now.

    But I think I’ll start building a small library (like 100 books) for the future days when I’m not blogging anymore.

    You have enough to last you a while, and I hope you’ll succeed in getting the TBR down a bit.

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