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The Back of the Book:  The river brought a handsome stranger to her. Would the river also take him away? From her Alabama mansion on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, Lily watches the steamboats pass and dreams of falling in love with the perfect man, giving him her whole mind and spirit. But when the river gives her an irresistible steamboat captain, Lily is torn between him and her pledge to marry the wealthy man her parents have chosen for her. Torn by her love for the mysterious captain, she struggles with duty, honor and faith. Like the river’s dangerous currents, her choice will change the course of her life forever. Jacquelyn Cook is the author of acclaimed historical novels and historical romances, with over 500,000 copies sold. Her classic, four-book River series authentically recreates the romance and drama of the Civil War era in historic Eufaula, Alabama. Formerly collected in a popular anthology titled Magnolias, the River series is now offered to readers in these updated editions.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  I requested this book from LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer Programme over a year ago and am most apologetic that it has taken me so long to read and review it.  I didn’t have my Kindle and thought I’d just read it on my laptop but really didn’t enjoy doing so.  By the time my Kindle arrived in December last year The River Between had been all but forgotten and it’s only recently that I’ve remembered about it.  I’m sorry.

The book was originally published in the 1980s and is part of a series (or a longer, complete novel).  As such, it was a very quick read (I was finished in an afternoon).  The characters were engaging and the story-line interesting and well-plotted but I felt that Ms Cook wrote the book as a writer on a mission.  She clearly aimed to give a little history lesson while also doing a little preaching rather than providing an afternoon’s entertainment for the reader.  In this respect, the book is dated as most Christian fiction has moved on to a more subtle writing technique.  Because of this, I’m not going to seek out the rest of the series but, if one falls into my lap, I’ll certainly read it.


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