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The Back of the Book:  Sarah watched Arima weave across the room, mumbling to herself about keys.  This was … unbelievable.  It couldn’t be happening.  She seemed sincere but was there a catch?

‘Arima.  Wait!’

‘Yeah?’  Arima swayed in the doorway, feeling dead on her feet.

‘Promise me you’re serious about this.  Promise.’

‘I promise.’

Can any good come from the promise made between two close friends, Sarah and Arima?  Will their friendship endure the trials that follow their life-changing pact?  Or will the unforeseen consequences destroy them both?

The second in the Lipstick Confessions series, The Promise (Lipstick Confessions 2)
 follows the story of one man and two women:  Sarah desperate for a child and free spirit Arima, who belongs to nothing an no one.  Or so she thinks …

NotJustLaura’s Review:  I had no idea what this book was about when I began it as I deliberately didn’t read the publisher’s blurb.  I was delighted to see it had been published as I so enjoyed Rosie:  Note to Self last year so when I won a copy of my own I put it into Mt ToBeRead and looked forward to the day when I would begin it.  I’m now struggling to review it without spoilers.  Is it sufficient to say it’s the best Christian fiction title I’ve read for months?  The characters are real, the situation raw and expertly plotted from the outset.  As for the ending?  Well, that was completely unexpected and didn’t give me the closure nicely tied loose ends would have provided.  I’m therefore very much hoping we haven’t heard the last of Sarah, Arima and the tangled web they’ve woven.


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