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The Back of the Book: We were taught, as children, how to tie our shoes and ride a bike, but most of u weren’t taught the intricacies of managing sadness. Help for Depression (Elf Self Help) shows how to look into your own heart and soul, as well as to others, for help.  There is hope for depression – and it can come from a lot of great sources – including this little volume.

NotJustLaura’s Review: These little books have been available from the local(ish) Catholic bookstore for a while but I’d never seen the Depression one until the other day when I snapped up the one remaining copy.  I assume, therefore, that they are very popular and, having read it, am not surprised.

There are two strands to the book (which is only about 80-pages long)  The illustrations tell the story of the elf shown on the front cover as she goes through a depressive episode.  We see her having problems at work, talking to friends and seeing a professional about her problem.  I’m happy to report that, by the final illustration, there’s a smile on her face.

In the accompanying text, Linus Mundy offers little nuggets of wisdom relating to depression.  As a sufferer, I found some made me cry a little, some made me smile and others gave me food for thought.  Interestingly, my mother, who is also a sufferer, picked out different pages as being the most helpful.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with depression – whether their own or someone else’s.  It’s a gentle read into which to dip or enjoy at a sitting and is a happy addition to my toolbox for dealing with the condition.

You can buy Elf-Help for Overcoming Depression from Amazon (while supporting this website) by clicking this link:

Help for Depression (Elf Self Help)


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  1. The elf is too cute and it sounds like it was helpful to you and your mom. 🙂 I saw you mention this book in your Monday Reading post and had to see what exactly a elf had to do with helping one with depression.

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