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The Gant Chart

I love organising things.  I love to make lists and sort things in colour-coded, alphabetical sections.  So when I read my friend Liz’s post on Gant Charts I knew I wanted one.  It’s OK – I know I’m a little peculiar.  At first, I couldn’t think what I would organise with my chart and the idea languished.  Then I was invited to participate in my first blog tour.

This will be the first book I’ve received for review that comes with a deadline (the tour is running during the first week of April) and I realised I needed a way of keeping all my review books in mind.  Usually I read them in the order of receipt but that’s not going to work any more.  And my Gant Chart swung into motion.

My chart is a little more colourful than Liz’s and it already has two books in the ‘Red – Overdue’ category.  They’re not really overdue as they came to me without deadlines but I’ve set myself the goal of reading review titles within a month of receipt or, for ARCs, before their release date.

The chart pointed out that reading Plastic: A Toxic Love Story really isn’t the most sensible use of my time right now.  It won’t be released until the middle of April while The Sacred Journey (Ancient Practices) came out in December and has been hanging around Mt TBR since November.  So I’ve set aside Plastic and picked up The Sacred Journey last night.

I’m feeling virtuous, efficient and professional.  And so relieved to have finally hit on a way to organise my books that actually works!


Comments on: "The Gant Chart" (5)

  1. Glad I could help! Mine’s quite colourful – grey for possible work, turquoise for booked in definitively, red for work I have in, yellow when it’s done, orange when it’s invoiced (some of my customers pay monthly in arrears) and green when it’s paid!

    • laura0141 said:

      You’re welcome – I’m enjoying playing with mine and will tweak until I have it just right 🙂

  2. Hmmm, maybe I should start something like this for my blog tours and review books. I had to put Jane Eyre on hold while I read a book that is due in a week or so. I had forgotten about it until it arrived in the mail. If I had some system where I wrote down this stuff I would have been prepared.

    • laura0141 said:

      I’m finding it really helpful, Angie. Have stopped Plastic in favour of another review book that’s been waiting longer although neither of them have deadlines. D’you want me to email you a copy of my chart so you can see what it’s like?

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