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This was not an easy read and, from about half-way through, I read it out of stubbornness rather than any sense of enjoyment.  I was kept going by the ‘percentage read’ feature of my Kindle and got a curious sense of achievement as I reported my progress on FaceBook!

Sons and Lovers is a work of autobiographical fiction.  Lawrence is represented by Paul Morel the son of a middle-class mother and an abusive, working-class father.  The life presented throughout Paul’s childhood is bleak and lacking in even momentary pleasure.  As Paul grows up he forms relationships with two women and the rest of the book is taken up with his introspective thoughts regarding them (and his mother).

I found only one character in the book to be likeable and particularly disliked Paul who, in my opinion, needs a good kick in the rear!  I wanted to read this book because I really enjoyed a recent encounter with Lawrence’s poetry but, having waded through this work, I am not inclined to read anything more.


Comments on: "D H Lawrence – Sons and Lovers – 2011/004" (2)

  1. I’ve never read any Lawrence before. When I was younger, I thought this book was a companion to Wives & Daughters, by Elizabeth Gaskell. Think I was very off in that estimation 😉

    • notjustlaura said:

      Thanks for visiting, Aarti. Is Wives and Daughters any good? I can see why you’d expect the two works to go together – maybe they do, but just in unintended ways?!

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