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Books Read & Reviewed:

Once again, I have no reviews for you this week as I haven’t completed any books.  I’m still slogging away with Sons and Lovers – am up to about 75% now.  The last chapter was a bit more interesting but I’m still finding it dark and dull although I have now found a character who has some potential for being likeable.

I try to read only Christian books on a Sunday so I started Karen Armstrong’s Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life yesterday.  This isn’t strictly a Christian book as Ms Armstrong is writing for people of all faiths and none but I believe the ideas contained within it are completely compatible with my Catholic faith and, so far, I’ve been proven right.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the read, looking forward to putting the ideas into practice and really don’t want to go back to Mr Lawrence, thank you!

Incoming Books:

  1. Carole Mortimer – The Duke’s Cinderella Bride – BookMooch
  2. Jo Baker – The Telling – Amazon
  3. Nathacha Appanah – The Last Brother – Amazon

The Week Ahead:

More Mr Lawrence is planned and I think I’ll throw a party when I finish it!  It’s strange – I’m usually happy to give up on a book I’m not enjoying but this time I’m fully committed to finished.  I’ll then move on to Ms Armstrong’s book – this will be a pleasure and not a chore!  I’m not sure if I’ll finish Sons and Lovers this week though as I have a University essay to hand in so that will have to come first.

* * *

It’s Monday!  What are you Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by BookJourney.  Mailbox Monday is another weekly meme hosted in February 2011 by Library of Clean Reads.


Comments on: "It’s Monday! What are you Reading? & Mailbox Monday" (14)

  1. 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life looks like a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope you’re able to get it finished this week!

  3. Sounds like some good books – I hope you enjoy them all and have a good week!

  4. I hope you enjoy your incoming books 🙂

  5. The Armstrong book is on my TBR — glad you find it useful for all.

    Here’s my Monday!

    • laura0141 said:

      The Armstrong book is highly recommended, Joy – I let mine skip Mt TBR and jumps straight into my arms and would suggest you do likewise. It’s really, really good!

  6. Sorry I am late at the comments – it has been a rushed week. Enjoy your books.

  7. The Last Brother is a very good book; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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