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Review Policy

In the interests of full disclosure and on the advice of The Story Siren, today’s task is to formalise my review policy.  I’ve always had one but haven’t tried to take it from my brain to the the world outside before so what’s produced here is subject to change.

  1. I accept books for review from authors/publishers who contact me directly.
  2. I request books for review if I see something that particularly strikes my fancy.  I also use sites such as NetGalley.
  3. Each review posted here shall state whether it was sent to me in exchange for a review or is my own acquisition.
  4. All reviews shall be honest – if I like a book I will tell you why and if I dislike a book I will do likewise.

Comments on: "Review Policy" (3)

  1. Looks good to me! Always good to have a policy…

  2. Just fine, Laura.

    • notjustlaura said:

      Thanks Noel – I’ll look forward to receiving the book. Oh – and I forgot to say – I’m fine with you linking to my review 🙂

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