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A Dork? Or not a Dork?

This post in response to BookJourney’s Morning Meanders which closed by asking:

Oh but I am sure as book lovers I am not the only one whose book dorkiness shows occasionally.  Come on.. share with me today – whats a “book dork” moment you have had?

‘Dork’ isn’t a word we really use in the UK (I’m Scottish, by the way) so forgive me if I haven’t picked up the nuances of what a book dork is.  I’m certainly a book lover and, to me, a book dork would be someone who takes that love to the next level of obsession.  So, am I a book dork?  You be the judge:

  • I’ve been known to stand at the window, watching for the postman.
  • I’m very disappointed if he doesn’t bring me anything book-shaped.
  • If a book arrives when I’m particularly looking forward to it I may skip for joy, sing, ‘Oooh’ or ‘Aaah.’
  • I stroke my books.
  • All five of my bookcases are full and I still have crates of homeless books in the study.
  • I have cancelled social events because I’d rather stay at home and read.
  • I carry my Kindle everywhere.
  • I read and call it ‘therapy’.

Comments on: "A Dork? Or not a Dork?" (6)

  1. I think you have readeritis 😀

  2. Reading certainly is therapy… escapism too! 🙂

    I think being addicted to books is a pretty good addiction… Only harmful to the pocket!

    • notjustlaura said:

      You’re right, Nikki-ann – compared to the other available addictions, books are very much benign!

  3. I LOVE that you have canceled social events to read…. you are my people 🙂 LOL

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