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I obtained this book for review via netGalley.

Delivered with Love opens at a funeral.  Claire’s mother died after a long illness during which Claire was her carer.  To escape from the wake, Claire hides out in her mother’s car where she discovers a love letter sent to her mother many years previously.  The rest of the novel is taken up with Claire’s search for the letter’s author but it’s also a coming of age, a coming to Jesus and a coming to love.

I found myself completely taken up with this book.  I didn’t always empathise with Claire – she does some really stupid things – but Ms Kyle gives so many other quirky characters that I nearly always found something to smile about.  What more could you ask of a light romance on a rainy afternoon?


Comments on: "Sherry Kyle – Delivered with Love – 2011/001" (2)

  1. I thought it might be depressing when you said it opened up at a funeral but it sounds like it was a sweet, light-hearted read. Might have to check it out. 🙂

    Now, you will be so proud of me…I organized my books. On my Kindle. 😉 I just discovered that you can make categories so I made some like Historicals, Classics, Cozy Mysteries, etc and so now all my books are in the proper category…nice and neat. 🙂

    • laura0141 said:

      It was light, Angie – Claire just lurches from one situation to the next and it’s really quite funny in places as the disasters keep on coming!

      Well done for organising your books 🙂

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