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Hark the Silence

Isn’t it funny how when one person shares their thoughts other thoughts are sparked for the reader?  I suppose that’s the beauty of blogging – you read and you think and you write.  And then someone else reads …

I found this post the other day.  It contains a longish quotation from another site to which I’m not currently subscribed.  Using The Anchoress’ thoughts on silence, Julie (Happy Catholic) writes about creation and her experience of enjoying a quiet, family moment.  She also mentions Bill Bryson’s A Short History which is a book I really should read.  Anyway, when I read the quotation from The Anchoress, I was captured by the bookish image she uses to capture the silence:

In such a silence, if you have turned off the television and tempted your child away from his games with a good book, you can hear other things: the chatter and call of cardinals who have found the birdseed; the crack of a log in the fire; hot coffee being poured into a cup; the ticking of your last non-digital clock; the rhythmic breathing of tired child (or parent) who has dozed while reading; the soft thud of a book sliding to the floor.

There is little silence in my home. Now, two cats and one woman shouldn’t make a whole lot of noise.  But I nearly always have something running in the background.  If I’m pottering in the kitchen, it’s Radio 4.  If I’m reading or studying, it’s Classic FM.  Computer-time generally requires something from Spotify.  I even sleep with the radio on, very quietly, in the background.

The Anchoress and Happy Catholic seem to think there’s something to be said for silence and they’ve got me wondering:  Am I missing out?  What’s the soundtrack to your life?  I’ll let you know if I decide to turn mine off.


Comments on: "Hark the Silence" (2)

  1. Difficult question! Of course, I would love to read and have absolute silence in the background, BUT, I have four children, all under the age of eleven, one husband, a dog and 3 cats. Trying to find silence in my house is like trying to find a floor free of toys.

    However, I do have this switch in my head. I simply press it and it completely tunes out whatever is going on in the background. I lose myself in my story and I’m in that world, of whatever making. I return to reality only if there’s screaming or blood is being spilt. (Which doesn’t usually happen, I hasten to add!)

    • notjustlaura said:

      Thanks for commenting, NIcolette. I know I used to have one of those switches but, having lived alone for more than a decade, it’s got a bit stiff!

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