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Reading Goals

My goal for 2010 was to read 100 books.  And as I’ve just hit 52 and the year is nearly ended that’s *so* not going to happen.  I’ve read 100+ books in a year previously but my life had an unexpected change last spring and I no longer have the free time to dedicate to reading-for-pleasure that I had.  My goal for 2011 is a more modest (and achievable) 52 books.

I know I should also put myself on a book diet till I’ve broken the back of Mt TBR – last time I counted, I had over 400 titles awaiting my attention.  But … I don’t want to.  And there’s no point saying ‘I’ll stop acquiring books’ when I know I’m not going to.  Haven’t I said before that I’m an honest blogger?  So ‘Stop buying books’ isn’t on the menu for this year.  The good news is that I have three new bookcases in which to store the books.  These are all full and I’ve another two crates …  And, of course, the Kindle gives me digital storage and the ultimate in portability.

Other goals are to make more use of the library and to join/participate in a book group.  I know of  couple and have my name on the waiting list for a third but I really need to start pursuing this instead of waiting for the phone to ring.

What are your reading goals for 2011?


Comments on: "Reading Goals" (4)

  1. I wanted to read 50 books this year and I did it! 🙂 Quite pleased with myself. I was thinking just the other day that I really shouldn’t get any more books until I got my MT TBR under control but then realized that wasn’t going to happen so why worry about it? So my reading goals for 2011 are to read 50 books again and continue to add on to my MT TBR. 😉

    • notjustlaura said:

      Well done on meeting your goal for 2010, Angie. I’m totally with you on the Mt TBR situation. What’s the point in making a promise you already know you won’t keep?

  2. My only goal (other than challenges that I’ve joined) is to not purchase one book (for myself) until I’ve read at least two from my personal TBR pile. For review books (I guess that makes it two goals then) – I’m reversing my decision to read every single review book all of the way through .. if I really don’t like the book at all, it’s a waste of my valuable reading time to continue. Oh! (well, this makes three:)), I want to keep track of pages read. I’ve seen meters or counters for this on other blogs, now I just need to find one again; otherwise, I guess I’ll just make a quick text link and calculate manually as I go.

    • notjustlaura said:

      Thanks for visiting, Julie. I do like the idea of tracking pages and may look into that myself.

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